Meat Slicer Blade

Commercial Blade Electric Meat Slicer Deli Cheese Food Cutter Kitchen Home Tool

Commercial Blade Electric Meat Slicer Deli Cheese Food Cutter Kitchen Home Tool
Commercial Blade Electric Meat Slicer Deli Cheese Food Cutter Kitchen Home Tool
Commercial Blade Electric Meat Slicer Deli Cheese Food Cutter Kitchen Home Tool
Commercial Blade Electric Meat Slicer Deli Cheese Food Cutter Kitchen Home Tool
Commercial Blade Electric Meat Slicer Deli Cheese Food Cutter Kitchen Home Tool

Commercial Blade Electric Meat Slicer Deli Cheese Food Cutter Kitchen Home Tool

Nesco FS-250 Everyday Food Slicer. Full stainless steel sliding food carriage. Detachable 8.7 hardened stainless steel blade. Adjustable thickness control range of 9/16.

Die cast aluminum food press. Kitchen food slicer will get the job done right.

Get thin slices quickly by using the Nesco 180-watt Food Slicer 8.7 Blade FS 250. This unit has combined an elegant design with the performance of a powerful device.

The kitchen food slicer can be used to easily cut meat, cheese, bread, vegetables and fruit quickly and precisely. It features precision depth control and a strong, high-quality 180-watt gear motor. It has a variable thickness control knob for a 9/16 thickness range. The large, multi-purpose, 8.7 stainless steel hardened serrated blade handles a wide range of food sizes and shapes.

If you expect to slice a lot of cheese, we recommend a motor of 130 watts or more. Cheese can create a lot of blade drag, but the FS-250 slicer's motor has the power to take it in stride.

The Nesco food slicer will make a useful addition to the rest of the supplies and accessories in your kitchen. It is ideal for use in a business that sees many customers, but it can also be used at home. The Nesco 180-watt Food Slicer 8.7 Blade FS 250 is made from heavy-duty materials that allow it to remain reliable over time. Nesco 180-watt Food Slicer 8.7 Blade (FS-250).

Slice meat, cheese, bread, vegetables and fruit. Assembled Product Weight: 14.00 lbs.

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 11.10 x 11.00 x 11.00 Inches. Works like it is supposed to. Yes, there is a bit of'warm electric smell' but it does the job. I have sliced tomatoes, onions, block cheese, summer sausage and a beef roast for use in a cheesesteak sandwich. It works but not for what I need.

I like the suction cups on the bottom and the power of the motor. However it does not slice thin enough for me, the slices were not even, and the carriage does not go long enough. I guess it would depend on what you are slicing if it would work well for you.

It's not a good one for my needs. This slicer works great and easy to operate and clean up. Well made and easy to disassemble for cleaning. After slicing most of a small roast the motor smelled warm. Waited for a short time and finished slicing the roast without the motor smell.

Cuts very well and easy to clean and it's not very loud and does not weigh a lot and it a nice price. Unit for rather light duty slicing needs. I used it to slice homemade bacon, and was disappointed in the guide being able to flex with very little pressure, making for non uniform slices. The tray doesn't move very smoothly, either.

Also having sliced food pile up behind and on the unit is just dumb, time to rethink the designs of these. You get what you pay for, and not a bit more. Be carfule with sharp equipment.

I ordered this for my daughter for a future gift. Can not ID the quality yet. But I also ordered special gloves (level 5)to wear for professionals (she is not) who handel very sharpequipment.

Please do, to negate any serious problems. It's a great slicer, it works remarkable on bread even.

Can't wait to use it on meats. It slices but not as good as I thought it would. Seems like a top round roast won't cut even slices, tried both thickest and thin and it shifts and cuts uneven. I could do better with a sharp knife which I ended up doing anyway.

Very Satisfied for the price I paid for this machine. Does the job needs to have a little more power. It doesnt have enough power it is cheaply designed. The slicer worked fine, just wish the slicing tray would come back farther. Had to cut a roast in half to carve it.

Other wise it performed well for the price. The slicer came to me broken. The motor mount was broke off the machine.

Not the best, the blade runs slow and doesnt cut well. First time i used it and it started smoking black smoke... However, cleaning it is a chore. The slicer is well made and easy to use and clean. So far, I've mostly used it to slice meat for beef jerky but I think it will do well for lots of other things too!

I even got one for brother-in-law. Arrived undamaged and on time. Power switch lights up but I was never able to get the motor to run. I'm giving two stars for the easy return. So far really does the job sliced up I pretty much frozen steak for cheesesteaks worked great.

Tired of Having to Pay High Price for Deli Sliced. I really didn't know if I would use this slicer much but once I got it I've used it for Lots of things!! Great Price and its a Snap to clean up!

Just did 4lbs of deer. Only took it out of the freezer about an hour before I started, this slicer cut all of it without any issues. I did feed it a little slower, no problem. Not what I was expecting.

Was hoping the blade would move faster. Needs to be a bit larger for slicing a 3-4 pound roast. Meat holder needs to be able to get closer to blade for shaving. The meat kept falling off of the holder. The slicer worked very well.

I like the fact that it isn't too big. And it's pretty easy to clean. Nesco 180 Watt Food Slicer W/ 8.7' Blade (FS-250). The reason it gets 1 star is because no star wasnt an option.

It took longer to get it out of the package than it actually worked. I made 5 slices on thawed raw meat and the motor began to smoke. I've always wanted one so I nothing to compare it to.

It is a great size and light enough to move around the counter. It has suctions on the feet for security and works well. The meat slices better when cold but works really good. Opened box, turned it on, motor ran, blade did not spin.

Took it right back and went to Bass Pro/Cabela to get one that worked. Runs really well, but does not slice straight. Always ended up with the cheese thick on one side and thin on the other. Also jammed bottom corner into slicer no matter what I did. Broke within first 3 min.

Tray that slides back and forth and hold the item your slicing is only spot welded on. Completely broke off and I was barely pushing. Sliding arm is only supported by one wheel which makes it very tippy. The way that this machine sliced thru a frozen roast was great.

I was able to slice the meat really thin to make BBQ beef for sandwiches. Right out of the box broken will need to get it replaced.

There is a very loud rattle and the blade won't spin. Called customer service with Nesco and she had no clue and asked if the blade was greased. Then asked me to shake the machine to hear if there was any rattle.

Will be returning it and seeing if I can get it replaced. Very good item, very good price. I've had other slicers, this was a nice surprise. It does the job very well, use it for bread and making jerky. Customer response was quick and efficient.

Much easier to clean than my last slicer. Lightweight and easy to clean.

Like that it's not heavy, blade easy to remove and unit easy to clean. It may be me, but I have a hard time getting some items extra thin, (which is what i really wanted it for) even with the adjustable blade settings. Have tried onions, as well as roasts. Going to keep working with it. It slices briskets good only bad thing motor heats up quick.

Sliced 1/2 lb of bacon before blade stopped turning. Belt had slipped off due to loose mounting nut on motor. Slices ok, but shredded the edges. Next day tried to thin slice home dried lonzo and it would only take off thin whisps and just wouldn't slice.

Tried pushing through slower, but motor immediately started smoking. It wasn't even hard meat.

Blade and guide don't line up for uniform slices. Motor burned up in less than 5 minutes. Worked less then 5 minutes before motor started burning. Was not used under any straining circumstances.

I used for two minuets and the motor smoke. Couldn't slice cheese at all! The machine is poorly designed compared to my 30 year old Krupps meat slicer. The blade wobbles (yes, it is installed correctly), the blade is not sharp and shreds parts of the meat. You can touch the blade, it is not sharp at all!

Clean up is not easy, the only thing that comes off is the blade - so it is cumbersome and difficult to clean every nook and cranny. Easy to use and clean. Never owned one before so wasn't sure what to expect.

Ive only used on beef roasts so far. We like leftovers sliced very thin for cold and hot sandwiches.

Not great for cheese and meat. It cut ham nicelyalthough 1/8??? Was about as thin as possible.

It was not very effective on turkey. I attempted freezing chicken and beef to slice and was not impressed.

Most major parts are steel, the carriage is stainless steel, but the carriage has plastic bushings that slide on a 15mm rod, to much clearance in the 2 bushes make sliding difficult, this bush should be one piece, and a tighter tolerance, lubricating with veg oil helps. The motor is not really up to the job, after cutting up a pork loin the motor was smelling hot. Took a look at the motor and the plastic worm/drive gears are not going to stand heavy use. The blade is held in place by a plastic locking screw, I think the'ears' on the lock screw will break off, they are very small.

If they replace these plastic parts with metal parts, and put in a larger motor I would give it 5 stars. It's ok, a little flimsy.

Just got to be gentle with it. Cut beef roast really well.

Cut tomatoes and onion really really well. Pepperoni stick and block cheese, not so well. Almost a full deli commercial slicer at a fraction of the cost.

After use, I recommend removing the two Phillips-head screws that attach the rear guide plate, lift off, clean and reassemble. I haven't actually used it yet but this thing spins WAY slower than a real meat slicer, and it makes a strong electrical smell imediately after being turned on. If I had been able to see it in person before purchasing, I would've stayed far away. I don't typically write reviews. So to be completely candid this is basically a glorified vegetable cutter, there is no part of it that can really cut cheese or lunch meats.

Not possible out of the box. Any weight pushes the backing back and leads to uneven cuts, making it nearly impossible to cut deli thin. I modified mine with a simple pair of vice grips to hold it but it still is difficult. Secondly the 200 watt motor is not strong enough to cut provolone cheese.

It stalls out very easily, going back to the backing that measures the thickness, you either get to thick to start and stalls or it just shaved half and leaves the remainder untouched. Thirdly, I tried cutting ham as well, it was a no go too. It cut it okay thick, but I don't really want 1/4???

Finally, the reason it gets two stars; it cuts vegetables fairly well. Don't let the box fool you, it has meat and cheese on it as examples and it's called a???

The belt on the motor is very loose, slips and binds way to easily. The arm to hold the item should be removable so you can clean it adequately. Love, love the Nesco FS-250 slicer!!!! Got it for slicing bread and it's incredible. The price was good for such a sturdy slicer.

My friends want one now!! It was junk it smelled as if it was burning and would not slice anything. Works great but got one that doesn't look like the picture.

Had for 1 month, maded bacon twice and sliced it, no problem, slice soupies with it , came out good,, I see no problems with this slicer, price is very good! This slicer is not for a store, but great for Home. However it showed up damaged. The Walmart outsideshipping box was fine, he inside box had a huge gash in the box. Which means it was that way when itleft their warehouse.

It should have been inspected more carefully. Could not cut anything resembling a thin even slice. Not a Cadillac, but a nice Buick. A little more power and a sturdier blade guide would make it 5 stars. Did a nice job on some cured and smoked pork loins which are very lean.

Just a little slow at times and the guide flexed a little bit. If i could i would rate less when i took this out of the box i heard a clank clank. It happened to be the whole insides falling out. The metal on the outside is really flimsy very cheaply made. I sent it right back. I can't believe how quite this is, how easy it is to use. I do wish it was wider I had to cut my meat into to be able to slice my lunch meat.

For lunch meat we like it thin and I can't believe how thin I could get. I have a very old one from about 30 years ago that was pretty cheap but it did the job and still does. I wanted one that was more stable and didn't bend like my old one does.

This fit the bill and the price was right. I do a lot of slicing now that we raise some of our own meat this works great and looks to be made of good quality that will last for years. Clean up is easy I could not be happier.

Out of the box it's a sturdy little slicer. I used this to slice cold cooked tough roast beef thin for sandwiches. I had to cut the roast in half to fit it in the slicer because of the grain of the meat. I didn't expect commercial slicer performance so I didn't try to crowd the slicer.

With no problems in about 10 minutes. Blade is very sharp, the machine breaks down easily for cleaning. I look forward to using this for years to come.

Strong motor, easy to use and easy to clean. Easy to use, gets the job done. Good enough for occasional home use.

It did need a little manual adjustment as some of the screws were not tightened completely. Unfortunately it is undersized for my needs but this is NOT a manufacturing flaw. One of the intended uses was to slice home made bacon and I have to cut the bacon slabs in half in order to slice them. The only thing I don't like about this machine is the pusher mechanism.

The pusher is arched and the meat I sliced would slip out of the pusher even though it has spikes to hold the item being sliced. It work well above my expectations for Thanksgiving and later. First used on full size whole ky ham, sliced through like butter.

Wife very happy, so i'm very happy. The Nesco food slicer is light and easy to handle. Love the safety features, and does a nice job slicing. We use it for slicing hams, and it can do deli thin for sandwiches, to thick for breakfast. It is easy to clean and just the right size, stores well when not in use on my appliance table. Great price, stainless steel will last a long time. Got it in and open it and used it and it work great well please with it. What an awesome food slicer! The large very sharp blade goes through large food pieces like butter and is so easy to operate.

It cleans up very fast with the drop down sliding carriage and blade goes on and off fast. I can't say enough good things about this great product. Yes it would be nice if it was faster but then you'd have to pat thousands of dollars more. This is a great value!

I love how I can take some parts apart to wash and clean and my husband loves using it too says it's more sharper then other brands he tried. I tried my new slicer and it worked good. Time to clean up was ok except the little nooks and crannies got food in them and was a little harder to clean. It's easy to use, powerful and accurate. For a home slicer, this isn't too bad.

The only concern I have with it is the burning wire smell after a few minutes of using it. This is a great slicer to have in your kitchen appliances. It worked but is had to clean and the base had no place for the slices to land!

Great Slicer for Home Use. I've had this slicer for a few weeks and have cut sausage, cheese and roast beef. Slows down a bit with cheese, but does a great job.

Also great on everything else I've tried. Cleaning is a good news/bad news thing. The parts come off so I can clean them in the sink, but they are a bit cumbersome. Despite what some others have said, I had no problem removing, cleaning and resetting the blade.

I sliced three different cheeses and a 1 pound summer sausage, and only turned it off between jobs. Overall, this is a great slicer for home use. Love the up grades the company has made.

This works great for slicing meat and cheese. This is much more solidly built and a lot easier to clean.

I have only used it a few times. I love the fact that it sticks to the counter well. The only dislike I have is the attachment that holds the meat (or other product) cannot be removed so a large piece of meat has to be cut in order to fit.

I hunt work good for doing my deers. This is a good little slicer, easy to use and easy to clean. I bought this for my husband for Christmas. A couple days later he tried to use it to slice beef for jerky and the blade was warped and not secure. My husband almost cut off his finger.

I would not recommend this slicer. Cutting beef stick not cheese. And veggies with little effort. Clean up is a breeze.

Only had it a week or so! I have only used it once so far but it works as I expected to, cutting very nice even slices of 3/8' thick London Broil beef for use in making jerky. It is easy to clean up as well. The sale price made it a great deal.

I just set it on a cookie sheet to catch any blood or waste and although it doesnt have a plate to catch the sliced meat, it was not a problem. I would just cut several pieces, stop it, remove them to a plate and drive on! Ue=sed it to slice 20 heads of cabbage with no problem. IT IS CHEAP FOR A REASON!!!!

IT WILL NOT LAST LONG. I used it to slice 10 pounds of sweet potatoes Thanksgiving morning. Haven't opened it yet.

Slicer works wonderful and cleans easily. Will definitely recommend to friends and family! I bought this to slice venison into 1/4 in thick strips to make jerky. Have used it twice now and it performed perfectly.

Nice size an really works great for making jerky. Great size and works great for making sliced meats for jerky.

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  • Power Type: Electric
  • Model: Does not apply
  • UPC: 0078262009598
  • EAN: 0078262009598
  • Power Source: Electric
  • MPN: FS-250
  • Energy Star: A+++
  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: NESCO
  • Type: Electric Slicer
  • Power: 1000 W

Commercial Blade Electric Meat Slicer Deli Cheese Food Cutter Kitchen Home Tool